a royal decree to my royal friends

📜July 24th | 4:02 pm

hello my queens and kings. i know the posts have slowed. please do not fret. i have not forgotten my precious space of encouraging happiness. actually, a few things in life has drifted me. not in a bad way! a good way. i’m undergoing a positive change that makes me feel a lil out of place. i jus completed the media communications certificate program. i’m figuring my next steps, which centers around ebon affects. for starters i’m creating new memes content tailoring to hope and strength. literally that’s the topic. the big change will take place after i finish strategically analyzing ebon affects social media.

thank you for your patience and understanding. in the mean time please check out my personal blog   to stay updated on my latest journey. also if you need an inexpensive graphic designer or need assistance with digital marketing, i encourage you to take a look at my portfolio or email me at ks@ebonaffects.com.

👑you’re awesome






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